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You'll automatically get the quest to go to Shadowlands the moment you hit level 48. Great! Getting to the latest and greatest content is what you've been shooting for. However, here are several things you may want to consider before heading that way.

First, the content you'll face will be level 50. Shadowlands mobs do not scale down below that level. For most players this won't be a problem but it's good to know this in advance.

Second, food and drink and possibly other helpful supplies will not be available to you anywhere in Shadowlands. These things have a level 50 minimum restriction. Be sure to bring what you need to get you through.

Third, you'll earn approximately half a level for completing the Shadowlands introductory questline (a full level with rested experience). If you decide to choose your own fate instead of following the main quest line, your leveling experience will include world quests, side quests, bonus objectives, and dungeons. Except it doesn't include all these things at level 48-49. The objectives and side quests are generally there but you won't be shown world quests nor will you be able to queue up for Shadowlands dungeons until level 50. The world quests are out there, they simply won't show up on your map until you happen to walk into their midst.

The third issue is the biggest problem. World quests are the best way to level getting you much faster experience plus extra resources, especially anima and equipment upgrades. You may find it beneficial to wait until level 49 before heading off into the shadows. This will let the introductory quest line get you close to level 50 and make entry into Shadowlands a little smoother.

Further, you may wish to save objectives until around level 58. All objectives give you a piece of gear which is appropriate for your current level. Leveling is hardest late in the process and you can use these objectives to replace your worst gear. However, once you hit level 60 this gear becomes essentially useless so if you need some better gear don't wait too long.

Speaking of weak gear, if you've leveled quickly, your pre-Shadowlands gear will likely be mid-40s at best which means you're going into the expansion at a bit of a disadvantage. This is easily fixed. Simply focus on world quests that drop gear upgrades and you'll be amazed how quickly your I-lvl skyrockets. Once things get easier, focus on the resources you'll want at max level. This would be anima and materials that support your profession if you plan on actively producing products for sale.