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In Warlords of Draenor (WoD) expansion, you get a level 1 garrison at the conclusion of the introductory quest line. This area served as each player's base of operations during the WoD expansion. Setting a garrison up is a great thing to do since it has its own separate hearthstone. Then it can be used as a way to get to the world portals by hearthing in then taking the flight path to Ashran. However, even if transportation is your only reason for getting the garrison, travel time is significantly decreased by the addition of a portal to Ashran in the level three garrison. In addition, the garrison offers services and resources if developed. Those resources are not as valuable since we've moved on to other expansions but they may still be useful. This page will provide information and links to outside resources to help players easily develop a level 3 garrison.

General notes:

  • The difficulties of all mobs and quests should level with you. Quests may be completed as quickly as possible without adding any difficulty to the process.
  • If leveling below level 40, it is worth it to complete all quest lines mentioned below as part of the process even if you've already met the minimum level requirements to skip them. These quest lines are well laid out and provide for a quick, smooth leveling experience.

To develop your Level 1 garrison, your character must accomplish the following:

  • Be at least level 10.
  • Follow the Reaching Draenor section on the following page: Quests to Unlock a Level 1 and Level 2 Garrison
    • Note #1 -- Chromie's Call is not recommended. Choose Tanaan Jungle instead for more flexibility.
    • Note #2 -- If you'd rather skip the introductory Tanaan Jungle quest line, you can do this by dropping the Warlords of Draenor: The Dark Portal quest instead of talking to Khadgar in front of the Dark Portal then just go on in. More detailed instructions are provided on the page linked above.
  • Complete the quests under Level 1 Garrison on the same page noted in the previous step.
  • The last quest of the above series starts your first mission on the garrison mission table. It's important to do the next quest called Ashran Appearance (Alliance) or Ashran Appearance (Horde). This gives you the flight path to Ashran which has a portal that takes you to the Stormwind/Orgrimmar portal room.
    • While in Ashran, you may wish to complete the additional four or five quests in this quest line. It will get you another follower.

To develop a level 2 garrison, your character must complete Bigger is Better (Alliance) or Bigger is Better (Horde). You must also pay 200 Garrison Resources to purchase your upgrade. To be eligible to complete this quest, your character must meet one of the following prerequisites:

  • Meet the minimum level requirement:
    • Horde -- be at least level 15.
    • Alliance -- be at least level 20.


  • Complete the quests under Level 2 Garrison on the following page: Quests to Unlock a Level 1 and Level 2 Garrison
    • The Alliance quest line (A Hero's Welcome) starts with Yrel in the garrison.
    • The Horde quest line (Save Wolf Home) starts with Durotan at the bottom of Bladespire Citadel.
      • For Horde players to get to this quest line, you must first complete ten quests in another quest line. (Den of Wolves) starts with Farseer Drek'Thar in the garrison.

Garrison development after completing level 2:

  • Most level 1 blueprints are learned automatically upon completion of your level 2 garrison. You can construct them immediately.
  • As quest will be available to construct the Lunarfall Excavation (the garrison mine) as soon as your level 2 garrison is up and running. Once built, the mine can be upgraded to level 2 immediately.
  • A quest will be available to construct the Fishing Shack upon reaching level 20. Once built, it can be upgraded to level 2 immediately.
  • A quest will be available to construct the Herb Garden upon reaching level ??-25-??. Once built, it can be upgraded to level 2 immediately.
  • Level 2 blueprints have various requirements:

To build a level 3 garrison, your character must accomplish the following:

  • Be at least level 40.
  • Complete the story line quests in Talador.
  • Pay 2,000 Garrison Resources plus 5,000 gold to purchase your upgrade.

Garrison development after completing level 3:

  • All buildings can be upgraded to level 3.
  • A quest will be available to construct the Menagerie (the garrison pet battle area). Once built, it can be upgraded to levels 2 and 3 immediately.

Garrison Extras[edit]

Garrison Resources[edit]

The easiest way to accumulate garrison resources is to simply visit your garrison cache regularly. Unless you're in a serious hurry to fully upgrade your garrison this is likely all you'll ever need to do. The cache earns resources at the rate of 6 per hour. It maxes out at 500 resources which takes three and a half days. This limit can be doubled by purchasing Trade Agreement: Arakkoa Outcasts but you must be revered with Arakkoa Outcasts.

Lunarfall Shipyard[edit]

Development of the shipyard is fairly straightforward. Simply build ships then send them off on missions. The problem is oil. At first you can only obtain oil through relatively rare missions from the mission table in your garrison and from certain activities in Tanaan Jungle. This is somewhat restricting on your use of the shipyard mission table. However, this changes dramatically when you get Oil Rig: Pickup Location, a shipyard mission that nets you 400 oil at a time. Unfortunately, it requires you reach revered with the Hand of the Prophet faction. Luckily, the faction quests generally give you oil killing two birds with one stone.

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